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Colin Senior Counselling

Fully Qualified, Dip Couns

 I am in the process of expanding my private counselling practice and am looking to achieve this by offering local businesses and organisations an Employee Assistance service that is tailored to their individual needs and budgets.


Employee Assistance Programmes can often attract a high annual contract fee, regardless of the actual employee uptake within the organisation. Additionally in the current economic climate this can often be seen as a non-essential expense by businesses – at the very time their employees could actually benefit from such a service due to all the current financial and social issues/ concerns related to any recession. The current economic situation appears to be adding to many people’s general psychological health, which invariably affects their performance in the workplace.


I can provide your company with an Employee Assistance Programme based on the actual employee uptake hours only. Essentially you would only pay for the actual counselling hours booked by your employees.   

The average hourly rate for counselling provided through an EAP is £45 per hour, I am offering a service at £30 per hour, which again, would only apply if a session was completed with an employee.